Senior Track and Field Program

The Saugeen Track & Field Club's senior track and field program for those in grades 6 and up has begun.

Currently athletes meet Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 in Port Elgin. 

The Club will offer opportunities to race throughout the indoor and outdoor track and field seasons.

2023 fees are:

High School Students (Grade 10 and up)

Full year - $610 (2nd child $480, 3rd child $380)

April to December - $475

Elementary Cross Country - $70

Elementary Students (Grade 6-9)

Full year - $455

April to December - $350

(only those paying full year fees plus are capable of finishing top 10 (or, if less than 20 athletes, top half) of field will be provided with out-of-province competition support)

A $50 post dated (June 1, 2020) fundraising cheque is required. This cheque will not be cashed if the athlete provides a person to assist with the Huron Shore run on the first Saturday of June.

Saugeen TFC Membership Forms

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